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Posted by Thanh Dat - 28/09/2023

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On-chain analytics give a more complete picture of what's happening beneath reported crypto prices and volumes. This deeper insight is invaluable for researchers, investors and other stakeholders.

What is OnchainBlock?

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What is OnchainBlock?

OnchainBlock is an exclusive and reputable data analysis platform in the field of data analytics. This platform focuses on providing a comprehensive view of the leading asset types within the blockchain space.

What are the features of OnchainBlock?

Tracking Stablecoin Assets


OnchainBlock's Stablecoin Tracking feature provides a comprehensive view of stablecoin activities across leading trading platforms. Users can easily monitor the allocation, inflow, and outflow of stablecoins on these platforms, enabling informed decision-making. Additionally, the platform employs advanced models like TreeMap to present a clear description of stablecoin netflow.

Moreover, OnchainBlock offers insights into decentralized stablecoin distribution, including total assets, top holdings, and asset evolution over time. The Bridge Analysis component allows for a thorough statistical examination of stablecoin allocation across major bridges, supporting various prominent blockchain chains. With these features, OnchainBlock equips users with valuable tools for understanding and tracking stablecoin dynamics within the blockchain ecosystem.

Tracking Ethereum Assets


OnchainBlock's Ethereum asset tracking feature provides a detailed analysis of ETH quantity variations on leading exchange platforms, observed at different time intervals. It effectively allocates ETH asset quantity on the Ethereum Blockchain across concentrated exchange platforms, shedding light on how ETH flows within these platforms.

Furthermore, the feature compiles comprehensive inflow and outflow statistics of ETH across various exchange platforms, offering crucial insights into the movement of ETH. Additionally, it dives into Layer 2, presenting statistical overviews of Total Value Locked (TVL) of ETH assets and monitoring fluctuations across Layer 2 bridges, providing a holistic view of Ethereum asset dynamics.

What features are on OnchainBlock's roadmap for future development?


Q4 2023: Version 1.1

  • ETL Model v3
  • Tracker Layer2
  • Upgrade Cexs stablecoin

Q1-Q2 2024: Version 1.2

  • User Dashboard
  • Tracking LSTs assets
  • Bot Alert V2
  • Referral Features

Q3-Q4 2024: Version 1.3

  • Forum
  • Onchain Block Pro


In summary, OnchainBlock is a leading platform in blockchain data analysis. It offers valuable insights into stablecoins, Ethereum, and various blockchain-based assets. Through clear visualizations and statistical charts, OnchainBlock demystifies asset value stability. It aims to empower users with knowledge, fostering trust and understanding in the dynamic financial landscape. Stay tuned for exciting future developments from OnchainBlock.

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