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Posted by Huynh Duc - 05/05/2023

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We are thrilled to announce that Grindy Technologies has formed a powerful partnership with VK Tech Ventures!

As a backer of successful projects such as CasperDash and EggForce, VK Tech Ventures brings extensive expertise and resources to the table, making this collaboration a smart and strategic decision. Stay up to date with the latest news and developments by following our social media!

Highlights of Partnership

  • Grindy will collaborate with CasperDash by integrating the Casper ecosystem's top non-custodial wallet into CasperStats - Casper's supreme block explorer.
  • Furthermore, Grindy will collaborate with EggForce as a node operator for CryptoViet Ventures validator to participate in the Callista World; this partnership is an opportunity for us to fulfil our shared vision of offering superior staking services to all Hatchers.

About Grindy Technologies

  • Grindy provides solutions that have the key object of Web 2.0 and combines the benefits of Web3 technologies that we believe Web 3.0 is the way how people mean to interact through the internet.
  • Grindy Technologies is obsessed with blockchain layer one architecture and mechanisms; Blockchain-based Gaming; DApps layer architecture and On-chain governance protocol design.
  • Grindy’s products include CasperStats - the all-in-one explorer for Casper Ecosystem, Gafi Network, and Heroes & Empires. 

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About CasperDash

  • CasperDash is a reliable non-custodial wallet integrated into the Casper blockchain, enabling users to manage their accounts, read balances, and send transactions from a single application. 
  • With a young, focused, and energetic team possessing a strong IT background, CasperDash won the Casper Friendly Hackathon 2021 and received funding from the DEVxDAO Association to further develop the Casper Wallet.

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About EggForce

  • EggForce is a story and community-driven, high-quality hand-drawn collection of 10,000 Egg NFTs on Casper Network. Featuring a special hatching levelling system, mystery dragon drops, merging, and bonding between artists, builders, web3 enthusiasts, validators, and brands, EggForce is a unique and captivating addition to the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

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